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UPDATED: May 5, 2013


Supernanny by Ren - The Avengers (and Loki and Pepper) turns into toddlers. Fury and Coulson take care of them. Or try to.


Crack the Shutters by Deviouslint - Tony wakes up to find out Steve has been sketching him.
Firsts and Lasts by Simmysim (NSFW) - Basically a PWP involving Steve’s old uniform and Tony’s kink for Captain A as a child.
Full Body Workout by Nix (NSFW) - Hank gets a little distracted in the laboratory and Tony and Steve get to suffer (?) the consequences.
It’s the Simple Things by Onewayfreak - Oh, Steve just appreciates Tony’s ass.
Scale and Perspective by Destroythemeek - Tony’s POV while Steve sketches him. I suck at summaries, but I guess that sums it up.
Borderline by mdevile (NSFW) - Fisting.
Right off the Rails by autoschediastic (NSFW) - Spanking. No penetration.
Apple Bottom Jeans (And Other Love Songs) by gyzym - Literally Tony trying to seduce Steve by singing in the shower.
The One with the Teenage Hormones by cherryfeather - Steve and Tony de-aged into teenagers. Fluff. Making out. Coulson finds them.
5 Times Steve Attempted to Make Tony Blush, and the One Time He Succeeded by sororexitium - Fluff~ Also, there’s some delicious Steve-seduces-Tony-but-doesn’t-quite-know-he’s-doing-it plot.
The Road to Hell by colourexplosion - AU! Pepper gets promoted and Steve becomes Tony’s PA. 
Teenage Dream by shinkonokokoro (NSFW) - Tony gets de-aged, turns into a teenager, and gets into Steve’s pants. Then forgets all about it when he returns back to normal.
Physics 101 by shinkonokokoro - Tony’s a Physics teacher and Steve needs to take his class for gen ed. Basically AU and fluff all around.
Contrapposto by sunryder - Loads of fluff. The outline of Steve and Tony’s relationship without the sex. Well. Without premarital sex.
Relics by sororexitum - Fluff is good for you. 
Birthday Cake by Nightwalker (NSFW) - Steve covers Tony in frosting.
An Ordinary Morning on an Ordinary Day by crimsonquills - Domesticity fluff from MJ’s pov
I don’t want you (to smile to anybody) by Mizzy (NSFW) - How do you describe the pang in your heart from seeing the one you love be with someone who looks like you? Total shit. It broke my heart and stitched it by hand all over again.
Ready, Fire, Aim by gyzym (NSFW) - There’s no “I” in “Avenger.”
Tomorrow Belongs To Me (NSFW) by valtyr - Steve wakes up in the 21st Century. He doesn’t think much of it, and it’s dubious about him. He meets a Norse God, joins a superhero team, and feels terribly awkward about the whole momument at Arlington he’s rendered obsolete by not being dead. Meanwhile, Tony is trying to make his mark on history by being the man who finally drove Nick Fury over the edge.
Team Building Activities by valtyr - Fury’s a beautiful princess. Clint’s plotting a Communist revolution. Rhodey’s not sexy. Wall-E’s not a documentary. Clint’s not gay but he does give a great blowjob. This fic is not an AU.
Honey, I Can See The Stars (NSFW) by twentysomething - ”The most he’d ever cared about anything remotely related was his uniform, which, beyond the stylistic, was pretty necessary. But now his suit comes from a lab far more advanced than the basement of a Brooklyn antique shop, and the only decision he really gets to make is if his pants are too tight. (They were, but he doesn’t really think they changed them. He doesn’t know why, but he thinks that might have been on purpose.) That being said, he doesn’t know what he’s done to deserve the double take Tony gives him as he walks in the room.”
(First Impressions Are) A Work in Progress (NSFW) by porthos - Tony has a point system for the times he can get Steve to be less than perfect.
Bulletproof by foxxcub (NSFW) - At age fifteen, Steve Rogers had been in love with Tony Stark. By age twenty, he’d (mostly) gotten over it. And then he promptly became Tony Stark’s fuck buddy.
A Kiss To Build a Dream On by xDinahQueenx - It’s the perfect reason for Tony to get a kiss from Steve, without repercussions from just telling him- things don’t quite work out the way he’s expecting.
Community Service by valtyr - Matchmaking is harder than it looks.
Scale and Perspective (The Technicolor Remix) by destroythemeek - Tony had always appreciated Steve’s art, but he didn’t realize Steve’s art had started appreciating him in return.
Idle Rainbow by valtyr (NSFW) - Tony knows that worthwhile things take hard work and sacrifice. Steve’s not so sure.



Performance in a Leading Role by MadLori - AU! Sherlock and John as Hollywood movie stars.
Alone on the Water by MadLori - Angst wave. You have been warned.
Inevitable as Tea by teaandjumpers (NSFW) - Post-Reichenbach fluff
More than Serial Killers by brisingdraumar (NSFW) - Christmas fic
This was the Final Problem by riana-isaddictedto-drarry - Post-Reichenbach. John and Sherlock finally "kiss and make up"
The Road Less Travelled by verityburns (NSFW) - John and Sherlock gets married. Eventually.
Call my Name by Phoenix Foxfire - Different emotions of Sherlock Holmes
You Tried Your Best by Once by the sea - Mention of drug abuse. Hurt/Comfort
An Offer of Kryptonite by bendingsignpost (NSFW) - Use of a phallic and frankly very suggestive pastry in getting Sherlock into bed. Or is it the other way around?
34 Minutes by bendingsignpost (NSFW) - An experiment in eye contact.
Please God, Let me Live by flitterflutterfly (NSFW) -  When John Watson found himself facing an AK-47, on his knees and hopeless, he said the only thing he could say. But, while God did let him survive, living was a completely different matter. And for a Sub without a Guardian in London, well that was a harsh matter indeed. 
Ninth by Zeta Sigma - John’s jaw dropped as Sherlock Holmes touched his bow to the strings of his violin and began to play… AU story for the BBC show Sherlock. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Hints of depression, eventual JohnLock and violence. 
The Sum of Us (Mostly Calculated by Everybody Else) by Linpatootie - John decides to come out. More or less. Not that he’s gay or anything. He’s just bumming his flatmate.
Five Times by strangegibbon (NSFW) - A chronicle of Sherlock’s formative lap related incidents. Slash, eventual JohnxSherlock. 
A Matter of Professional Integrity by sorion (NSFW)-  Things start falling into place, and John Watson needs to visit Mycroft Holmes once again. Post-Reichenbach. Eventual Sherlock/John. 
Tuck Me In by Where’s My Calabash (NSFW) -  Sherlock can’t turn off his brain long enough to sleep, and asks John for help. Rather than medicate him, John begins a nightly routine that becomes comfortable.. then becomes something else. 
Traces by Magnolia822 (NSFW) - After Reichenbach, John finds traces of Sherlock everywhere he goes. What will happen when he discovers the truth? 
Don’t Make Me, John by Gatergirl79 (NSFW) -  Follow up to ‘You’ll Have To Do Better Than That’ - Sherlock and John are on the Baskerville case while dealing with the aftermath of Sherlock…new found persuasive abilities. Slash - WARNING: Spoiler for Season Two. 
Don’t Be Dead by je-suis-a-toi (NSFW) - Set after Reichenbach, John never truly believed his best friend was dead, but of course after they meet again and hug briefly, he will punch him for making him wait so long. 
Miracle on Baker Street by Teumessian (NSFW) - Despite the fact that John is broken, the world continues to turn after the Fall of Sherlock Holmes, but months after that day John begins to see a familiar shape in the corners of his eyes. 
A Case of Resurrection by Evenlodes (NSFW) -  John struggles to cope with his grief and anger after Sherlock’s death at Reichenbach. Themes of grief, rage, violence and homosexuality. Now complete. 
One Heart Walking by sorion (NSFW) -  He does have a heart. And it’s walking around right in front of him. 
The Cuddle Factor by McKinney-Wylis (NSFW) - John’s headed for a night on the town and Sherlock’s pouting inexplicably. Now what could be going through the great detective’s mind?
What to do When Your Flatmate is Homicidal by hyacinth_sky747 (NSFW) - Sherlock takes Molly’s advice when dealing with his dangerous flatmate.
A Cure for Boredom by emmagrant01 (VERY NSFW) - They’d never talked about sex in the year they’d known each other. Well, that wasn’t quite correct: Sherlock had never said a word about sex; John had bemoaned his personal dearth of it on many occasions.
All the Way by SailorChibi (NSFW) - Sherlock shaves. All over. John is fascinated. note: This is hot.
Expecting the Unexpected by sweetomegachild (NSFW) - Expecting a child is always an exciting and challenging time. Expecting a child as an loving Alpha-Omega couple is even more of an adventure. Good thing John and Sherlock like adventure. note: One of the fics I love the most. Yay omegaverse!
Withdrawal by AGirloftheSouth (NSFW) - John goes away for 5 days and Sherlock has some separation issues. PWP.
Many Mornings After by lene-anschutz (NSFW) - Neither of them can remember what happened last night, but it can be quite easily deduced. John comes to some realisations and Mycroft wins a bet. 
I’m Not Actually A Pervert by dorothydonne (NSFW) - John Watson isn’t actually a pervert. Really. He’s just a bit sexually frustrated. Honestly, he’s never done anything like this before.
Valentine’s Day at 221B by Ezra Quinn - It’s their first Valentine’s Day as a couple, and Sherlock tries his best to do it right, with some help from Molly.
Whole and Unbroken by lotherington - Instead of meeting on January 29th, John and Sherlock meet on February 29th. And are then cursed to only be able to exist together every Leap Day.
Euphoria Morning by Anonymous - It is on a Sunday Morning that Sherlock Holmes realizes he is in love with John Watson. It is on a Sunday Evening that Sherlock Holmes shares his first kiss with John Watson. This is the story of the week that happened in-between. 
A New Kind of Communication by tartanfics - Sherlock texts, Sherlock leaves notes, Sherlock phones John, and he never really says anything.
But Love is A Voice on the Wind by Snow (Mature) - Sherlock keeps getting texts from Mycroft with tips on wooing John.
Hair by 17pansies - Sherlock has more in common with cats than John realised.
I’m Good to Go (For Something Golden) by thedragonpen (NSFW) - John is tuckered out and falling asleep reading while Holmes is doing research at the other side of the table.
Chow Mein, Deductions and Realisations by starjenni - Sherlock and John go out to dinner together, Sherlock amuses himself (and John) by deducing embarrassing and/or immoral details of the relationships between people at other tables. One night, though, John points to a couple that turns out to be sickeningly in love, faithful, completely happy together - boring, in other words, expect that as Sherlock deduces things he realizes that the tells he is describing also describe he and John.
Cold Hands by zannabq - John has cold hands. Sherlock helps.
Of Foolish, Thoughtful, Sentimental People by Lady Heliotrope - ”Sherlock, how is it we came to be flatmates?” 
221B Drabbles by moonblossom (Some parts are NSFW)
Mightier Than by emmagrant01 (NSFW) - Sherlock once tried to learn how to swallow swords. For some reason, John can’t let this go.
His Lap Full by lucybun (NSFW) - A ride on the tube changes everything.
Dress Sense by PrettyArbitrary (NSFW) - Sherlock only wants the same thing everyone wants: to dress John up in a £1000 suit and then strip it right back off him.
Sell Out by Unloyal_Olio (NSFW) - Omega!Sherlock has hidden his status all his life. Still, he has to let himself go into heat at least once every 18 months or so. After alpha!John moves in that becomes a problem. Finally, Sherlock arranges for John to be out of the country for his upcoming heat…John comes home early.
Five Times John was Annoyed at Being Small and One Time He Wasn’t by Anarion - Sherlock is inordinately fond of how “petit” John is compared to him
Red Pants Monday, or How Sherlock Found His Favourite Color by Linpatootie (NSFW) Sherlock finds out about John’s peculiar taste in underwear and becomes somewhat… preoccupied.
Two Facts by SailorChibi - When Sherlock and John first mated they decided that they didn’t want children. But now Sherlock’s pregnant and it’s threatening to tear his world apart. He knows John will leave him once he finds out, but how can he decide between his alpha and the child he didn’t know he wanted?



Headmaster by chasingriver (NSFW) - Mad porn. Probably my most favourite out of all the Holmescest fics out there. It’s amazing.
Middle Ground by Boeshane42 (NSFW) - PWP and an asexual Sherlock. 
Crazy Little Thing Called Love by goje (NSFW) - His little brother had the eyes of their mother, and when Sherlock looked at him now, Mycroft could see a younger Mummy gazing at their father.
The Maths is Done by lucelafonde - Kind of AU. In a world where everyone is born with a number visible on a random body part, a number which only exists twice - on yourself and on your soulmate -, the Holmes brothers have managed to never see each others. What happens when that changes? 
Fantasy by narsus (NSFW) - Mycroft’s fantasy involves Sherlock wearing a Harrow school uniform, and being fourteen years old. Not that either of those things bear any resemblance to reality.
Breaking Strain by lucybun (NSFW) Mycroft and Sherlock have to wait for each other.
Let’s Have Lunch by Blame It On My ADD (Baby) - Mycroft has an eating disorder and Sherlock ends up helping him through it, just like Mycroft helped Sherlock through his drug addiction.
The Synchronization of Heart and Mind by beingbaz (NSFW) - The first time Sherlock kissed him was a shock. The fact that he wanted to be kissed by him again felt worse. But that didn’t stop the want.
Cake by FastIce - Sherlock hates being bored. He loves to experiment. Lastly, as Mycroft put it: He does love to grandstand. At eight years old, Sherlock Holmes was already showing signs of his rather eccentric personality - much to his family’s amusement and chagrin.